Computex 2019: AMD To Unveil Navi Pro, Navi XT & More Leaks

The latest leak from a loose-lipped SAPPHIRE employee revealed the unveiling of the next-generation Radeon graphics cards at Computex 2019, also, the pushing of their Pulse line.

This Monday in Taipei, hardware maker SAPPHIRE will be showcasing its two powerful graphics cards—Navi Pro and Navi XT, both targeted at raising the mainstream gaming performance. Though, hundreds of questions cropped up with respect to its performance after one of the project managers informed the Chinese press that the Navi cards don’t include dedicated ray-tracing hardware. It makes us wonder how will they support the high-end light rendering technique in the PlayStation 5?

In addition, they’ll be revealing a customized TriXX software for users to tweak and overclock their graphic cards. The software is comparable in functions, to MSI Afterburner and ASUS GPU Tweak—a clear advantage for gamers looking forward to overclocking their new SAPHHIRE cards. The latest demo system—Nitro+ Radeon RX 590 is likely to power the all-new TriXX software. Not much was spoken about it in the company’s last press release, which isn’t surprising, considering that the leaks have revealed much about the company’s other products.

For now, let’s take a quick look at SAPPHIRE’s offerings.

Graphic Cards:

The performance of Navi Pro is supposedly somewhere between the performance of Nvidia GeForce RTX2060 and RTX2070. Accordingly, it’s priced at $399. Navi XT, priced at $499, offers better performance than GeForce RTX2070.

The Navi-based Radeon GPUs will attempt to take on Nvidia and GeForce, in the graphics industry. Meanwhile, the leaks suggest the most-anticipated ray-tracing GPU hardware is likely to be introduced next year—which means we’re awaiting to witness the revolution of Radeon & Navi graphics cards in the near future.

SAPPHIRE GearBox Thunderbolt 3 eGFX:

SAPPHIRE, probably is planning to attract gamers towards external graphics—the Thunderbolt 3 being the latest example. With its ability to charge a laptop of up to 60w and a 300w full-length video card, the GearBox can really stretch out your laptop performance, especially if you’re a Mac user, since it’s an Apple recommended product.

Consumer & Commercial Offerings:

Besides the gaming graphics, the brand is planning to target the professionals with its multi-display flexible system and a GPRO E8870 4G 6-screen demo that can support high-resolution imagery (simultaneously up to 6x4X displays).

Other embedded systems IPC-FP5R Mini-ITX & SAPPHIRE FS-FP5R 5×5, supporting the AMD Ryzen embedded R1000 SoC, used for digital signages, medical imaging, and casino machines, will be showcased in the computer expo.

This has definitely raised the bars for the competition, but given PC gamers the opportunity to test-and-try more powerful graphics cards! We’ll be back with more leaks from the Computex soon!

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