Facebook News Feeds To Be Tweaked For Relevance and Closeness

From demoting a few ad-filled websites to customizing video rankings and launching new tools to detect click-bait, the ‘Facebook police’ has been busy since quite a few months. They’re on patrol once again, albeit this time for tweaking its News Feed. In an interview with Engadget this Thursday, the social media giant officially announced two new updates.

Based on the data collected from different surveys last year, the company is set to update its algorithms. The Facebook news feed feature will be upgraded to focus on a user’s closest friends and relevant links based on their search results, as informed by one of the company spokespersons. The changes will occur gradually over a period of time, for the convenience of end users.

In an attempt to capture information that is more valuable to individuals at a granular level, developers have studied several users and search patterns. It’s interesting to note that there’s no ‘set pattern’ when it comes to searching for information. Every user tends to follow its own unique trend.

In order to show every user what they want to see, developers are trying to personalize their online experience, based on the links they’ve seen and the data they’ve searched for on Facebook. Moreover, the posts published by your close friends are more likely to appear on top of your home page.

The bigger question is, how will the Facebook algorithm determine who’s your closest friend? A good guess is that it’ll filter data for the people, whose posts, you’ve most ‘liked’ or ‘reacted’ to. Also, the ones who’ve tagged you in most of their posts.

However, this doesn’t mean you’re going to see posts by just a few people. It’ll be a mix of ‘friendly content’ that you love watching by different people. Same is the case with the external links.

This probably is one of the most useful updates for common users so far, considering the ‘much-maligned’ status of the news feed in recent months. Hopefully, it’ll cut back the time spent on searching for likable content by an average Facebook user. What do you say?

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