Game Of Thrones Inspired Samsung Galaxy Fold Phones: Wait, What?

Just last week, Samsung announced the release of its ‘work-in-progress’ Galaxy Fold smartphone with tweaks and upgrades, in the last quarter of the year—great news for fans around the world who were eagerly waiting to get their hands on this beauty. Not long ago, another set of fans anxiously completed the ‘Game Of Throne’ season, with the final episode of the epic television series releasing on 19th May. Both news created quite a ruckus in the tech and television industry.

Inspired by the fandom and waiting to jump on the Samsung-GOT bandwagon, Caviar—a Russian company which designs customized phones and luxury accessories, only the best for the best, announced its new GOT-inspired design for the Galaxy Fold series.

The makers at caviar, quite taken with George Martin’s work and Galaxy Fold’s captivating design, decided to bring both of them together. Caviar’s Games of Thrones Galaxy Fold edition phones, with an inward folding ‘book-like’ design, draws inspiration from the final book in the GOT series—“The Winds of Winter” which is under progress.

What’s The Game Of Throne Samsung Galaxy Fold Phone Like?

GOT-inspired Galaxy fold is enthroned in golden cover, carrying the map of ‘Seven Kingdoms’ on its front. There’s a dragon at the top, a dragon, wolf, and lion at the bottom. The map of Westeros from the ‘Ice book saga’ and ‘Game of fire’ is present on the rear end. The rear golden frame features the same dragon present on top.

The interiors remain untouched to avoid scruffs and marks on the delicate foldable display. The encasing includes a latch that is shut when not in use.

Caviar is renowned for its exorbitant display of amazingness in luxury phones. Not everyone can afford it. This time too, they’ve created two simplistic versions of these designs, available in leather and carbon, besides gold.

As expected, all this amazingness comes at a hefty price tag, around RUB 499,000 (in Russia), equivalent to $7,700 in the US. For other global audience, the price is $8,180, approximately four times the price of the original version priced at $1,980.

So, who want to place the order? This golden casing is only available on request.

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