Google’s Android Ban Damages Not Just Huawei, But Apple Too!

With a snap of its fingers, Google revoked Huawei’s Android rights, after the US ban had put the Chinese brand on the list of companies that cannot trade with American firms unless they possess a license. Things got worse for the Shenzhen-based company after the Panasonic (a well-known Japanese brand) too, snapped all transactions with Huawei to comply with the American policies.

The move may have jolted the company initially, but they slammed back with an Android alternative—HongMeng OS, which is allegedly under development. According to Huawei, anticipating US’s move, they’d started making preparations to counter the after-effects of this blow.

One of the spokespersons at Huawei has already hinted at developing a sustainable operating system for future handsets. Rumors suggest the company is providing incentives to developers for creating home apps, in an attempt to dissociate themselves from the Android platform. No data is available on Huawei’s upcoming operating system. While the company is slowly and steadily trying to hold on to its business, things don’t look so good for Apple.

The Cupertino giant was already losing its ground in China. They managed to capture just 9.1 percent of the Chinese market in 2018, which crashed down to 7 percent in the first quarter of 2019. The exorbitant pricing strategy could be one of the reasons behind their year-over-year global sales failure. However, in the current times, it’s an outcome of public aggression and nationalism guiding their sentiment to use home-produced gadgets, in reaction to the US.

The growing rebellion against the US might help consolidate Huawei’s position in its country, but it’ll eventually result in Apple’s loss if a large share of iPhone users switched to Chinese smartphones.

Despite the US commerce department going easy on Huawei for some time, it’ll take longer for them to build their own ecosystem. For now, the company has sped up its efforts to replace the Google Play Store with Aptoid apps in the App Gallery. We’ll get back with more updates on the new OS, as soon as we get any.

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