Playdate: Handheld, Indie-powered Game Boy Brings Back The Charm Of Affordable Video Gaming!

Childhood was fun when black-and-white simple video games were easy to operate and left a lot to fun and imagination. All 80’s and 90’s kids must be sharing this sentiment. Well, today is your lucky day because our good old gaming-partner is back! Panic, the famous videogame publisher is bent on reviving the 20th century Nintendo’s Game Boy-style charm in the 21st century. Their brand-new indie-focused yellow handheld set is likely to hit the markets next year.

Let’s sneak a peek at its handy features.

Brand & Price

In case you didn’t know, Panic is a Portland-based company that manufactured famous games like the Untitled Goose Game and Firewatch, as well as Mac software like Transmit and Coda. ‘Playdate’—their latest handheld device is expected to arrive in the early 2020s, at an affordable price of just $149. Isn’t it great? Users can place their orders for Playdate towards the end of 2019.

Body & Controllers

Playdate’s compact body features a simple directional pad with ‘A’ and ‘B’ buttons, pause buttons, etc. You’ll also find a rotational analog controller, which flips out from the side. It adds a new touch to the games. The device operates on Panic OS itself.

Display & Resolution

The black n’ white 2.7-inch screen captures a large part of its body, running on a low-power LCD from Sharp. The 400×200 resolution display operates without backlight, but its super reflective surface makes up for this loss.

Oddly, the screen lacks grid lines, has a higher resolution and is sharper and clearer than Game Boy screen, regardless of constant comparisons. It’s the most premium ‘monochrome gaming experience’ that one can ask for.


It’s possible to connect and download games via Wi-Fi. The device contains Bluetooth hardware too.

Internal Storage

No information is available yet.


The makers have made up their minds to provide a complete gaming experience to all users, though this season will focus on just single-player gaming. 12 games, comprising the entire Playdate Season, and designed by renowned indie developers like Zach Gage, Keita Takahashi, and Bennett Foddy will be released on the device, one by one. Once users unlock a game, they can play it forever.

The makers plan to keep the game library a secret to build up consumer anticipation until its release. Needless to say, it’s going to be quite a popular device among teens.

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