Samsung Galaxy Fold: Will It Make Or Break The Future Of Foldable Smartphones?

Some time back, tech giant Samsung kicked started a revolution in the telecom world, following the announcement of the brand-new Samsung Galaxy Fold, the first new-age foldable smartphone in the market.

Technically speaking, Flexpai Royale was the first ever foldable phone, followed by the Huawei Mate X. However, they arrive with plenty of bugs and seemingly cheaper hardware, making Fold the first decent option in this category.

While users were anticipating its success, the earlier units of Fold encountered screen breakage, hardware problems and other technical glitches, thus, stalling the massive revolution. Resultantly, the biggest telecom manufacturer of the world suspended its release for an unspecified time period, hoping to fix these issues by re-designing the phone.

The protective covering of the Samsung display was one of its two major problems. The manufacturers attempted to fix it adding a plastic covering under the device frame to avoid peel-offs. Since the earlier units didn’t include the screen shield at the end of the bezel, it was easier to pull it out using a sharp object.

Additionally, the problematic hinge on the device was fixed by reducing the hinge area at the bottom, thus restricting the influx of dirt, debris and other foreign particles from the minute gaps in between the edges of the hinge.

It seems the South Korean tech giant had taken suggestions from tech-gurus, to prepare Galaxy Fold for daily wear-and-tear. After testing it across different mobile field networks, Samsung is all set to re-announce the release of Fold this month, probably towards the end, with sales kicking off in June.

The smartphone was initially priced at $1980. We’re yet to receive confirmation on its final price. Though users are positive about the new release, it would be better if Samsung takes its time to fix all glitches, irrespective of social and media pressures, & internal deadlines, to set the right impression in the market, once and for all.

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