Samsung’s New 5x Periscope Camera: Unparalleled Zoom Capabilities In The Most Creative 2019 Phone

Samsung, the biggest beneficiary of Google’s official ‘Android ban’ on Huawei devices, despite enjoying the fruits of this unexpected fall-off, has decided to add more value to its products to step up the cam game.

As known, the recent ‘culprit’ Huawei had added a stellar periscope zoom lens to its P30 Pro device earlier. The lens magnified up to 10x to capture clear snapshots. In combination with a high-res sensor, Huawei phones are said to have the sharpest cameras; now no more!

As reported by the Korean media, the Samsung Electro-Mechanics has developed their own 5x periscope zoom camera module with added benefits. The new kit is just 5mm in thickness, as opposed to the 6 mm regular vertical telephoto lens (magnification power: 2x). The new cameras, with an unrivaled zooming capability, are ready to go into mass production anytime now.

The brand achieved this ‘magical zooming’ feature, using light refraction from a prism, similar to what Oppo and Huawei have done in their devices. The only difference is that they’ve squished the lens shape from circular to a flatter version to achieve more clarity.

Just for your information, a zoom lens is better than the other regular lens because of the gap between the lens and the sensor. Smartphones based on the periscope modules have a horizontal space, and use mirrors to reflect the light sideways, to achieve the zooming effect.

Reports suggest an Israeli company by the name Corephotonics has teamed up with Samsung on this venture.

Now the bigger question is, which of the upcoming Samsung phones is going to sport this feature? Our bid is on Galaxy Note 10 because:

The company has recently adopted the practice of introducing updates and newer technologies in its mid-range offerings first, before incorporating then the high-end product line.

On the contrary, the Note 10 design has almost been finalized by now. Previous rumors compared its camera orientation to the iPhone XS Max. As of now, we don’t know what models will come with this incredible periscope camera module. We can just wait and watch how it plays out in either of the two models—Note or Galaxy!

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