Snapchat Launches 3 New Snap Games For iOS and Windows

Just last month, soon after Tencent, the Chinese investment giant acquire a big chunk of Snap’s share, multiple changes were made to keep users interested in Snapchat. Following the acquisition, the company had announced its entry into the mobile gaming industry, a couple of weeks back. They were planning to introduce 6 multiplayer game titles for Snapchat users to play with their friends. Interestingly, 3 of these game titles rolled out today—

  • Snake Squad
  • Zombie Rescue Squad
  • Bitmoji Party

Three other Snap games titled Tiny Royale, C.A.T.S Drift Race and Alphabear Hustle will be released sometime later.

‘Snake Squad’ resembles the classic Nokia Snake game where players had to level up their snakes by eating pellets and avoiding gobbling up their own tail. In this Snap version, players additionally need to avoid hitting the enemy snake trails and save their own trails.

Bitmoji Party is a challenging 7-versus-1 game wherein a single player competes against seven opponents by completing their goals and resisting the opponent’s moves. The players have to collect coins as they finish tasks, to end the game.

Zombie Rescue Squad is a 5-player mobile game featuring a post-apocalyptic environment in which players have to finish off randomly-sprouting zombies using grenades, automated guns, and charge-up attacks.

You can find all three games under the newly added ‘Snap games library’ tab present in the menu. Open chat thread> click on the rocket icon> choose a pre-installed game> click on the friend’s icon to invite your buddies> launch the game.

These titles work on the latest version of the Snapchat app only. Make sure that you download the updated iOS or Android app to play games.

In the last quarter of 2018, the company lost almost 2 million Android users, due to its ‘step-motherly’ attitude towards Snapchat Android. Frequent crashes, lags and unresponsive features were a few major issues that most Android users complained of. The issues were fixed in Snapchat iOS, but not in Android. Predicting the future losses, this latest venture in the game industry is yet another attempt by Snapchat to woo its previous customers. We don’t know if it’s going to work or not, but we do know we’re going to enjoy a great time playing new Snap Games with our friends.

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