What’s the new feature of WhatsApp? Emojis in your status updates

Whatsapp may soon add emoticons to status updates on the app. Emoji reactions are a fast way to respond to others’ tales or status updates. This is also considerably faster than responding via text and manually sending an emoji.

The ability to respond with a single emoji rather than words is available on platforms such as Instagram and allows people to convey sentiments like love, rage, or sadness in a matter of seconds instead of minutes.

WhatsApp, one of the most popular communication systems, did not have a similar functionality. However, that may soon change. WABetaInfo claims in a new research that the Meta-owned platform has been building emoticon reactions for the platform for some time, and we could see it in action soon.

Users will be able to react with emoji to status updates in ‘Quick Reactions’. Emojis, for example, include folded hands, claps, party popper, and other similar poses. We don’t know if the list of emoji will be pre-defined or if users will be able to customize the most frequently used emojis.

According to the news, there will be eight emojis available for reaction to a status update. These are visible in the picture provided by the publication. Take a look at it below.

While the image above is from a beta version of WhatsApp Desktop, it’s likely that the functionality will be available in the iOS and Android versions of the app soon.

The platform will include one or several significant new features, including quick reactions. WhatsApp is bringing the new communities feature to the app soon, as well as other features like group administrators to delete messages for all.

The company’s engineers are also working on improvements to the user interface and several additional features. For example, it’s anticipated that soon the platform will include file-sharing capabilities up to 2GB in size.

WhatsApp is currently testing all these features in the beta versions of its app. So, it may be a while before they become available to all users.

However, it’s clear that the popular messaging platform is not resting on its laurels and is constantly working to improve the user experience. We can’t wait to see these new features in action!