Witcher Developer GOG Launches Its Brand-New GOG Galaxy 2.0

GOG, which is more famous for its creation ‘The Witcher’ may have earned a good reputation in the market, but the pressure of competing against other well-known brands like the Steam and Epic Store is enough for it to keep trying for something new.

This may have been the force driving the launch of the upcoming GOG Galaxy 2.0. which aims at bringing multiple game libraries on a single platform, thus, allowing the users to connect across all their favorite gaming platforms.

Once the users get on the new GOG Galaxy platform, they can import the existing games into a single library, which displays your online statuses and game activities, along with your friends, from across different platforms.

Though one can’t launch the Xbox and PS4 games directly from the app, they can be added to the image gallery using the library-management tool.

Users can customize the library by changing game covers and backgrounds, watch what their friends are playing, filter, sort, tag or add custom visuals, or track the latest releases. GOG allows users to use cloud saves, rollbacks, multi-player modes, in-game overlays, and several other features to enjoy an amazing gaming experience.

GOG’s ambition goes beyond regular gaming. They’ve roped in gameplay data and direct messaging features to help Galaxy users connect with others playing the same games. Isn’t that cool?

Out of all these, the most attractive feature is the user-friendly interface which makes its usage relatively easy, despite all the modules fitting on a single screen. Users can easily get into the weeds, configure new settings and customize the menus to suit their analytic and organizational requirements.

All this data is uploaded on the GOG servers, which means the gaming platform is well-versed with your gaming habits. However, be assured about safety since GOG isn’t planning to share business data with the third parties. With this, it’s safe to conclude that the users are going to enjoy this gaming experience.

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