Xbox To Announce 14 New Titles At E3 2019 This Year

After big players like Activision and PlayStation withdrew participation from E3 2019, attendees must’ve thought that the world-famed electronic entertainment expo would lose its glamor. Fortunately, Microsoft and Xbox decided to go ahead with the motto ‘The show must go on,’ promising great excitement and opportunities to the viewers.

Mr. Phil Spencer, the head of Xbox division had announced the launching of ‘new things that nobody has ever seen,’ during the Xbox E3 Press briefing earlier. And yesterday, Spencer confirmed via a tweet that Xbox One and viewers will be able to watch the fourteen first-party Xbox Games in 4K resolution at this year’s briefing which is scheduled on June 9th (at 1 PM PT).

Most anticipated titles like Halo Infinite, Gears 5 and the rumored ones like Fable 4 are expected to make their debut at the E3 platform this year, alongside a couple of other multi-platform games. The games on the current Xbox gaming list appears woefully light at the moment. Spencer and his team are likely to compensate for it, by adding more games to the calendar.

In the last couple of years, Microsoft has invested a hefty sum in Xbox games, after the gamers had endlessly complained of the lack of exclusive titles.

Besides Xbox, other gaming giants like Square Enix and Sony are rumored to unveil their own products. Fans have been anxiously waiting for the release of Death Stranding and Avengers (Marvel action game), which will make an appearance this year.

However, Windows has decided to lure gamers by offering great discounts (up to 20%) on the Xbox game subscription in the Microsoft Store and up to 10% discounts on DLCs and other games.

Hopefully, it’ll help usher a promising future for the Xbox Studios that has lately been struggling to retain its hold on the gaming industry, against the success of Sony’s PS4 games.

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